Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Delphi Toys. THotKeys.

Very small and convenient component that supports multiple system-wide hot keys within one application. You can register hot key as VCL's TShortCut or as WinAPI's key and shift states combination. Each registered hot key is stored in the hot keys collection as TKeyData collection item class, that has own Active property and OnHotKey event, so you can activate and deactivate any key dynamically and track all of registered hot keys separately. ShortCut property of TKeyData allows changing hot key shortcut on-the-fly. Main THotKeys component also has OnHotKey event, so you can track all the registered hot keys with one event handler. Pause and Resume methods of main THotKeys component allows deactivating and activating all the registered hot keys simultaneously.

THotKeys component can be ordered separately or as part of Delphi Toys suite.

More about THotKeys: http://greatis.com/delphicb/hotkeys/

More about Delphi Toys: http://greatis.com/delphicb/toys/

All the components for Delphi can be ordered in one Ultimate Pack for the very special price.

More about Ultimate Pack: http://greatis.com/delphicb/ultimate/

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